Re: Alternative treatments


Re: Alternative treatments

I was diagnosed 8 months ago with cancer of the uterus. I declined chemo and radiation and have been doing everything along the natural lines possible. I am about to go for scans again and a check up as to how I am progressing. Will let you all know how im doing.

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Re: Alternative treatments

There's a reason that the medico profession calls chemo and radiation the "standard of care", it's because it's evidence based.


I believe strongly that the human immune system is the trick to ultimately curing cancer, and I wish you very well indeed - but if your disease has progressed, or even just not decreased, I'd urge you to think about the orthodox therapies.


The natural therapy spin is to sell these miracle cures, and get you to buy these expensive supplements, but there's no science to support them.  For every anecdotal story about a cure, there are probably dozens of people who declined treatment and died.


I think you could, for example, go on the paw-paw & cruciferous vegetables diet and I believe it's possible that you could overcome the cancer in your body .. but the math is simple .. survival rate with orthodox therapies is X% .. with alternative medicine those figures can't be quoted.  Because there are no studies, and likely for every survivor, a group of others dies.


Wildly curious how you've gone, will be watching for an update!

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