Stomach Cancer

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Stomach Cancer

New to Cancer... Just had 2/3 of stomach removed and starting chemo/radiation soon. Looking for others like me. Thanks
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Re: Stomach Cancer

Hi Sboness,

Your post dated 2011, and I was wonfering if you could reply to me. I have recently had the whole of my stomach removed, it would be good to know how you are after so many years after your operation.

Best regards to you,


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Re: Stomach Cancer

I just had the whole stomach removed 4weeks ago

how are you going 12months on


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Re: Stomach Cancer

Hi @Mick68 ,


I had total gastrectomy in Aug 2017. After 12 months, nearly everything was back to the way it was pre-cancer other than I:

  1. need to remember to eat and drink during the day
  2. have to make sure that I don't eat too much at a sitting
  3. can't eat sugary foods of any sort after the main course at dinner
  4. can't eat raw onion or shallots at any time
  5. need Vit B12 injection every 3 months
  6. am steady at 12 kg lighter (71kg)
  7. have difficulty understanding the messages that my gut is telling my brain - it is as if it is speaking a different language.

Let me know if there is anything in particular that is worrying you and I will share my experiences.


Hugs to you and everyone reading,


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