Urethra cancer

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Urethra cancer

hello there


My mum has been receiving palliative chemotherapy for a suspected tumor (no biopsy was ever done) found in her urethra. Unfortunately the tumor hasn’t shrunk and remains stable. The plan was to shrink it then operate as it was too big but than hasn’t happened.


Now, my mum has extreme pain urinating. Her symptoms are that when she pees it’s not too painful however after it’s excruciating as her cliterous swells up and internal pain within the vagina pretty much leaves her speechless. She cannot really sit on the sofa as it’s too painful


Doctors have no idea what it is up and quite literally said they don’t know what to do. She has had a stent fitted to help with the passing of urine but after 5 prescriptions of back to back anti-biotics (mind-boggling) no pain relief at all.


This is basically a post to reach out to anyone who May have experienced or had a similar issue as I can’t just sit here and wait for appointments which are 14 days apart then come up with nothing and ask her to wait longer.


Understandably this part of the forum is for those with cancer but I’m really trying to find anyone who has been through this.

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Re: Urethra cancer

Hi @ET83,


How is your Mum doing today?


Being on antibiotics seems strange to me, were you going through her regular GP for that? It seems to me it might be more nerve related - are you able to chat with her treatment team or oncologist at all?

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