Webinar - Breast Reconstruction “What are the pros and cons?”


Webinar - Breast Reconstruction “What are the pros and cons?”

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You may be interested in the next Cancer Council webinar happening next week on breast reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer. You can join for the live event online or watch the recording afterwards.

Either way, you can register at the link below - it's free!


Breast Reconstruction “What are the pros and cons?”

26th October 2017, 7-8pm (AEDT)

For many women, breasts symbolise femininity, motherhood and sexual attractiveness. Losing part or all of a breast may affect a woman’s body image or confidence. Before or after a mastectomy, you may think about having a breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure used to create a permanent breast using your own tissue and skin, and/or an implant. It can be done or started at the time of the mastectomy (immediate reconstruction) or at a later stage (delayed reconstruction). This can be months or years later. We will be discussing the pros and cons of having a breast reconstruction and when the best time for you to do this might be.

Further information including about the presenters, and to register, please click HERE.


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