Whipple Surgery

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Whipple Surgery

Hi everyone.

So after what feels like months and months of waiting and constant tests and oncology appointments my doctors and surgeon have come to the conclusion that my only option for my cancer (pancreatic  neuroendocrine cancer. Same at Steve Jobs) is to have a whipple surgery which from what I'm told is life changing and complicated. I was in shock to be honest. I'm currently on lanreotide injections monthly but chemo isn't an option as they are unsure where to target. That confused me a bit but I have my trust in them. The one thing that just scared me was when the oncologist said "this will prolong your life". It was hard to hear as up to that point I didn't even consider the future. I mean they can cut out the majority of my cancer but they have also said it can return and its not a cure. I'm at a loss as to how to feel and how to manage this. The surgery is in 3 weeks.

With love and hope to all.


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Re: Whipple Surgery

Hi Chris, sorry you have to have surgery. Yes it’s a scary choice to have to make. I’m sure there are people on here who have had Whipple surgery so hopefully they will respond to you. Maybe do your own research about this type of op or speak to the cancer council for information. Sending you love and prayers 🙏💕. Linda 

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