accupuncture with lymph nodes removed

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accupuncture with lymph nodes removed

Hi, I have had my lymph nodes removed in 1 arm. I have been having accupuncture to help my body even b4 cancer. I told my accupuncturist no needles in my left arm, but the other day she put a needle in my arm, I told her to take it out. Should I be worried? What can I do to reduce my chance of lymphodema from her doing this to me?

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Re: accupuncture with lymph nodes removed

Hi @Becca134,


Thanks for reaching out the online community. 


You may find it helpful to be in touch with the Australasian Lymphology Association who work to help people manage oedemas and lymphoedema.  They have a toll free number (within Australia) to get in touch with them: 1300 935 332.


Cancer Council also has the following publication: Understanding Lymphoedema which may be useful to look at.


You can also call the health professionals on the Cancer Council Information and Support line on 131120 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.


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