after treatment came down with dry macular degeneration


after treatment came down with dry macular degeneration

has anyone heard of patients after treatment of left tonsil chemo/rad that they contracted macular degeneration in that eye above the tonsil


my eyes were in perfect condition since i got a new contact lens and eye exaim prior to left tonsil cancer and 4 lymphs and my treatment ended oct 4 and yesterday at the eye dr when i was complaining about blurring vision she said i had dry mac degeneration in left eye....


she said there is nothing you can do for it and i could go blind at anytime or out a number of years but there is nothing that can be done for it and i will loose all but my peripheral eye sight...which is blind....except for some light around the edges...and it will also go to the other eye as well, it always does.


can it be possible it happened due to the treatment ???


has anyone heard of this....very peculiar that its the eye above the tonsil they treated.




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