bladder cancer now spread to lymph nodes

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bladder cancer now spread to lymph nodes

Can anyone help please?


My father in law has bladder cancer which has now spread to his lymph nodes both sides of the diaphragm. The hospital are saying it is untreatable but he is determined to try anything to treat it. Is there anything anyone can suggest?


Thank you

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Re: bladder cancer now spread to lymph nodes

Hello @On and welcome!


I am not sure where you are located but in Australia, people are entitled to seek a second opinion and for something like this, it might be worth considering. Bearing in mind that the second oncologist may well tell you the same thing as the current but who knows!


There are also innovations all the time, so maybe look to see if there are any research or clinical trials happening where you are that he may qualify for. 


The following resources are Australian but the tips and strategies are still relevant as cancer knows no borders:


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Re: bladder cancer now spread to lymph nodes

Thank you @Katekat  ❤️

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