hi im new to this site need advice please :)

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hi im new to this site need advice please :)

hello there , just over 12 months ago I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my nose with a plastic surgeon who did flap surgery to remove the cancer , I wear glasses everyday and since I have had the surgery my nose has a large red indent on bridge , sometimes it can get quite painful , is this normal ? I would have thought after 12 months I wouldn't have a problem , I cant get contact lenses , also my nose looks terrible with spider veins now is there anything I could do to help reduce them , any advice would be great thanks so much 🙂
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Re: hi im new to this site need advice please :)

Not right. Get checked again. I'm not sure about basal cell but any time get a second third fourth until u are confident the basal cells have all been removed.trust yourself xo
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