mucinous ovarian cancer stage 2c

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mucinous ovarian cancer stage 2c

Hi my name is Mim. I have mucinous ovarian cancer and but the chemo for it is the same as for bowel cancer so I am getting folfox. Would like to hear from anyone who has same rare cancer and received/ing similar treatment and any sugg about keeping the immune system strong during chemo? Thanks
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Re: mucinous ovarian cancer stage 2c

Hi Mim, I had NHL last year. I had 6 rounds of CHOP which induced a remission. In regards to supporting the immune system, I had a subcut injection called Pegfilgrastim (brand name is Neulasta) 24 hours after having chemo. It stimulates the level of neutrophils. If you're interested in herbal supplements, a naturopath will have helpful advice on this front. My naturopath friend suggested I take andrographis complex but unfortunately the pharmacist at the hospital said this interfered with chemo. My friend also recommended protein powder smoothies. Tasted gross but kept my body strong. From memory I think the brand I was using was 'Mediherb'. I've heard of other people with cancer taking grape seed oil fort. It's apparently more potent than Vitamin C. There's this brilliant book which I only discovered a few months ago. It's called 'Cooking with Foods That Fight Cancer' by Richard Beliveau. I wish I had this book while I was ill! I hope this helps 🙂
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