runny nose


runny nose

I've finished chemotherapy, now I'm only on Herceptin, intravenously. Can anyone tell me if a runny nose is a side effect to this drug & how can you treat it.

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Re: runny nose

Hi Debrru,


If you are really worried about it, or any other medical condition, speak with your oncologist or GP. It really isn't worth the anxiety to "sit on it" for more than a day or so.


Now a quick search on the 'net for side effects of Herceptin indicates that it is more likely to give you a stuffy nose than a runny nose. But as all my doctors keep telling me, "everyone reacts differently".


As far as treatment, I would go for a box of tissues and, only because I'm not on any medication at the moment, a few doses of OP rum (or equivalent) - gargled - at least 4 times a day.


Speak with your doctor!!!


Best wishes,


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