side effects of radiation treatment to my epiglottis

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side effects of radiation treatment to my epiglottis

Hello everyone,

I hope that anyone out there reading this post is doing as well as can be expected during and after cancer treatment. I am just finishing week 2 of a 7 week radiation treatment plan for throat cancer. My side effects have just started to show. One of the hardest things for me has been the radiation treatment mask. I am very claustrophobic so the mask has been the biggest hurdle for me. I am also having a very difficult time swallowing just about anything right now. I have figured out that room temperature is best to avoid pain from drinking. Also of course, anything soft is much easier to eat now. If you are going through a similar treatment plan please take care of your mouth. Mine is starting to feel like a war zone! I have a great team of nurses and doctors helping me through this treatment. I pray everyone else out there has a team as great as the people working on me! I try to stay hydrated and busy as to not let this cancer treatment get to me. Please practice relaxation techniques if you are suffering from the radiation mask claustrophobic effects before treatment, drugs help also. I will pray for you all everyday and night as well as your caregivers and family so please do the same for me. Love Jesus and everyone around you no matter how bad things get. We will beat this cancer BS together!

Much Love,


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Re: side effects of radiation treatment to my epiglottis

Hi Bryan,


So sorry you’re treatment is knocking you about.


I’m not a religious man, but will think of you and wish you all the very best during the rest of the radiation treatment ahead.


I really hope you come through this as best as cured as possible and the discomfort is behind you. It sounds as though you have a great team working on that outcome.


Take care Bryan, you have a great attitude and that positivity alone should see you well. That’s what I hope anyway.



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Re: side effects of radiation treatment to my epiglottis

Hi @Bryan,

I'm sorry to hear that you've to go through so much pain. It must be really hard for you to wear the mast when you're already claustrophobic.

Swallowing problems due to radiotherapy are temporary - they subside on their own within 2 to 3 weeks after radiotherapy is completed. Till then, a few measures may help in reducing the severity of pain and irritation. These include:

  • Painkillers – pills can help reduce the pain when you swallow.
  • Gargles with aspirin – Gargles with two 325 mg aspirin pills dissolved in lukewarm water may reduce the inflammation in your throat and food pipe caused by radiation and make you feel better

I hope your treatment may end soon and you'll not have to go through the same pain again. I hope you're feeling somewhat better now.

Best wishes!

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