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Post Treatment


I am 33 with a 21 month old. I was diagnosed with stage 3C cervical cancer in late January. I have completed 7 weeks of radiation, chemotherapy and brachytherapy. My husband had a few weeks off to help but goes back to work Monday. I am getting nervous as my daughter is always on the go and I am very slow at the moment and just not myself, I am in pain with my arms due to clotting so am unable to do the simplest of tasks, I’m just not how I usually am. Just want to see if anyone has had a similar situation and if they have beat this type of cancer?


I am actually doing really well, it feels good to get back to normal life as much as possible, our little girl has been so good, I do things differently like change time is on the ground, having picnics inside for lunch and snacks! I am really happy I am doing okay on my own each day... I think we all just have so much inner strength that we didn’t even know that it was there and just gets us through!! 

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Hi Tann,

I just read your post and was compelled to drop you a note. Being a man, I obviously can’t imagine the struggles you are going through. The struggle of being so very young with such a horrible disease. The struggle of being a new mum, with all the adjustments in your life, that brings. The struggle mentally, of those self doubts, how am I going to cope when my husband is working, how can I do the things required to be a nurturing mother of a 22 month old and this bloody cancer, how do I manage that?

I’m not wise enough to answer those questions with a list of instructions, but I can just confirm that people are very resilient. This is a great country with lots of people who support one another. Tann, you are never alone. There is always someone willing to offer you a hand up.


Your treating facility is the best place to start, I would think. My oncologist works out of RNS hospital, Sydney. Throughout the foyer & in the cancer clinic are hundreds of booklets & brochures with great advise. Maybe speak to your treating physician or his / her PA. They may have phone numbers of groups in your area that can help.  Women are great lobbyists, there are peer support groups for women all over the place. Don’t be shy in asking for help.

This group on this site is a great sound board. I read some terrific things about issues I have never considered. The community is a big family, both this CC community & the one you live in.


I hope you get the peace of mind you deserve, some help with that little girl and most of all I hope your health returns to 100% & cancer free. Best wishes Tann......Lindsay




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Re: Post Treatment

Hi Lindsay,
Thank you for such a beautiful reply! I think I am going to take each day as it comes and if I am tired I will nap when she naps, we are pretty lucky, she’s a good baby. She just loves to play and have us join in, I am sure I will be okay tomorrow, I am just going to have to be more organised and prepared. Thank you again for your message and I will look into your suggestions much appreciated 🙂
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