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I had a mastectomy followed by 5 weeks of radiation. The radiation caused necrosis and I ended up losing my tissue expander and having a latismus Doris flap reconstruction. Where the flap is stitched on it’s been really red. It looks like a scar , at first the docs thought cellulitis but then ruled that out as it didn’t worsen. Has anyone been in this situation before? With the covid stuff I can’t get into see doctors. The possible causes: radiation recall due to sun exposure on radiated skin: caused by tamoxifen/ scarring or maybe an allergic reaction to the internal stitch. No one seems to know

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Re: Burn?

That doesn't sound good at all @Fighterforsure, has it improved at all in the last week?


Have you been able to get in contact with your oncology team at all or a cancer care nurse?



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