Its been 10 days since the op, and I thought I would be well on the mend.  I felt so good on Saturday I even reduced the amount of pain killers.  However, I think I over did it on Sunday, and by Sunday night I was gasping for breath, and desperately swallowing pain killers.  I have found I am very teary, crying at the drop of a hat.


Hubby appears very stressed and does not talk to me much, or appears to always be yelling.  Its Monday now, and I have an appointment with my GP this arvo, need more pain killers, and this will be the first time seeing him, since we found the lung cancer.  It is thanks to him, I guess that I had the op.


I am still out of breath, and my in between my shoulder blades on my back ache constantly, and underneath my right breast aches, whether this is the lung or the ribs I am unsure.


I realise this was a major procedure, but thought I would be getting back to work by now.

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