I thought I was being wheeled to theatre to get put to sleep and the op done. Instead I was wheeled into a room next to the theatre.  I remember two people working on me.  Putting in canulas, drips, needles, alsorts, kinda of like the pre theatre part.  Last thing I remember was a gas mask being put on and being told to count, next thing I was in recovery.


The surgeon had said that he would ring hubby as soon as he had finished the operation.  So since 3pm hubby, mam and dad are in the lobby of the hotel sitting and waiting.  When it got to 5pm hubby was very worried and went up to the ward and checked, he also kept checking the hospital link on his phone, and that said i was still in theatre.  He was thinking that somehting had gone wrong.


He said about 6pm when he went to the ward with mam and dad I was just being brought back then.  I was in theatre longer than expected, but the surgeon should of rang him like he said he would.  Hubby was apparently just about in tears, but so relieved to see me.


I remember a nurse trying to shove oxygen down me, and to move up the bed.  I was in agony, i wanted her to go away and leave me alone.  Another nurse showed me how to dispense the fentalyn myself, with a 5 minute lock out so I cant overdose, then the other nurse takes it off me.  Even though I was semi conscious I wanted that dispenser back, and I got it.


I remember Mam and Dad and Henry being there, then they were gone.


I had pumps on the socks for the circulation in my legs.  The blood pressure machine kept automatically taking me blood pressure and oxygen levels that night, nurses were checking me hourly, and I was dispensing the fentalyn for the pain.


It hurt, even with the pain killers, i had a block in the back, which they gave me to avoid the agony, and i had other local injections so that the pain would be bearable after the op.


Each check, the nurses needed me to cough, so they could check the drain, for air bubbles.  The cough was so quiet, as it was so painful.  To breathe hurt, but I knew it would get  better.

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