i am well into my 28 days of radiation now and an still feeling quite good. i have a small amount of irritation but other wise i am fine. i am not as tired as i was when i first started. i put that down to feeling very home sick and not getting enough sleep. my husband came for the weekend and will not be back now until the last week. its my son's 31st Birthday today and i wish i could be there in person but we will have to have a cake when i get home. i miss my grandson's like mad and would give anything to see them and have a cuddle. there mum sends photos all the time and i speak to them on the phone when i can, so thats good. i think i counted 21 days until i am home in my own home, which will be good. cheers for now Jodielee12
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Hi Jodielee, Half way there and still feeling good, that's great! It is sad that you can't be with your son for his birthday, but I would imagine that he fully understands you are in the place you need to be right now to get the treatment that is important. Your grandsons will have plenty of cuddles for you when you get home. It really is wonderful to see the relationships between Nanna's/grandma's and their grandchildren. Pure joy! Take care, Mrs Elton
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