Last Friday Brent had his first seizure, it was awful. He was on the balcony at home and I was alone. Holding him up so he didn't fall and hurt himself while trying to get help was a challenge. Thankfully, a stranger at street level call the ambos and when he finally came round a little bit, I was able to lower him to the ground and get to answer the door for them. Thank you stranger. His now in hospice. Originally that was for respite so I could get a few days rest. Things are progressing hourly and now looking very grim. Time is everything so next week I'm taking time off work to spend with him and say my goodbyes while he is still able to communicate. This Friday is our Avastin day, I think it will be our last doesn't seem to be working after 2 cycles. This time is terrible. His stopped texting me. He doesn't like talking on the phone and when I'm with him he won't look at me when I go to leave. I think each time I depart he thinks its the last time he'll see me. So so sad......... My thoughts are with all the GBM carer's and their loved ones today. Jo xq
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