Last blog entry took me up to where I finished my last clinical trial in December 2012. So, since then....... Over the Christmas period I had, for the first time, a lot of issues with pain management. Prior to that all my symptoms for the past 4 years related to treatment, rather than the cancer itself. So we spent most of January getting the pain under control, finally settling on 20mg OxyContin morning and night. I have no idea whether this is a small or a large dose - but it worked. Late January I commenced a new chemo routine - carbo and alimta. To date I have had 5 rounds, with occassional delays because of poor blood counts. The 5th round was meant to be Alimta only, but a multitude of errors last Friday meant I got carbo as well. I am tolerating this chemo extremely well. No major side effects, with fatigue being the only real issue but I am on top of that now. No weight gain or loss, good energy, no nausea etc, just some annoying constipation, probably from the OxyContin. And I have reduced the day time dose of OxyContin to 10mg, and intend to reduce the night dose any day now. I have had 2 scans during the period - the first showed stable, the second showed minor reduction. Dr West, from the Grace website, indicated that it was very unusual to get any shrinkage at all with a 5th line treatment. And during the time I have also done 4 holidays - 9 days camping over Christmas, 5 days in wonderful Byron Bay, 6 days camping at the National Folk Festival in Canberra, and 5 days to central Australia, including one night on the Ghan. Truly wonderful times. Gail
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You are an inspiration. Your commitment to continue to live this life is amazing. I wish I had your inner strength. It can be so easy to blame the world for your circumstances. Be absorbed in the unfairness of life's slings and arrows of misfortune but instead, you make every moment count, your loved ones must be so proud to have you in their lives. Thank you for sharing your experience and responses to what you've been through. It's a deeply personal story and I'm very grateful for having learned of you. Best wishes for continued strength. Jo
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Jo Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story and make a comment. It is really appreciated! Trust me - I am no inspiration! But I have been truly lucky in that my cancer itself presents no real symptoms, apart from the pain at Christmas, now under control. Most of my issues have been around side effects from treatment, and I must admit they have been pretty horrendous at times. I absolutely agree there is no point in blame. Everyone has things they have to deal with - this is mine. I am totally non religious but I do love life, and holidays! And in the main, I am having a wonderful time. I would love to hear your story. Do you have a blog? Gail
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