I think in words and phrases, always have. My current irritant is the phrase: "It's not fair" and while I don't think I ever said it myself during my treatment, though I probably had more of a right to than most, I considered it a redundant statement. If life was fair, we'd all look like Angelina Jolie and have her bank balance (and her husband!!)but how dull and uninteresting. "It's not fair" is a juvenile response to a situation and belongs in the pile with "why me? and "it's my turn now". You don't start out in life with a little instruction book, no one 'picks' you from a lottery to get cancer - it's the bloody luck of the draw, or having a stupid chromasome mutation. For all the whingers I came across years ago who'd rather lie in bed and moan "it's not fair" instead of sit up and fight for their right to live I say, "No, it isn't, but that's the life you got, so you can either lie back and give up or stand up and live.
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