Hi, I'm a 38 year old mum with triple negative breast cancer. I've just come to the end of 5 months of chemotherapy and still have surgery and radiation therapy ahead. Still feeling pretty terrible, my body really feels like its suffering. I've lost feeling in my hands and feet again and the body aches are the worst. I'd love to talk to anyone going through this insane journey. Charlie x
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Hi Charlie, That's good chemo is finished but it can take a while to feel better afterwards. I know that as soon as mine was finished I was wanting to feel magically better but it took a while. And then even when I thought I was all fine and recovered I wasn't yet. I had gotten used to feeling a bit ill so as I got better I thought that was as good as people could feel but then after a while I felt amazingly better. I hadn't been able to remember than you could feel that well. Hopefully you will be gradually feeling better soon. Just take it easy. I had 4 months of chemo which finished in February last year. I had only slight tingly numbness in my fingers so I don't know what is like losing feeling in hands & feet. I had a total of 4 surgeries including a unilateral mastectomy. I was petrified beforehand but I got through it. Something that helped me was having something planned to look forward to a couple of weeks after the surgery. I had trouble believing in the idea that I would have a mastectomy and still be a person afterwards so having an event marked down in my calendar for the "afterwards" time was helpful. Best wishes
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