Three weeks into chemo radio to shrink this insidious cancer that has decided to sit very nicely in the rectal passage.Have coped quite well so far although am finding the radio very fatigueing,was warned of this side effect but truly didn't comprehend the intensity of the fatigue.Very little nausea,some interesting bowel movements,hand and foot symptoms just starting but overall still feeling pretty well and am posting this message in the hope that someone coming behind me[pardon the pun]may not be as anxious or unsure as I was,Ihope to help at least one person one little bit then at least this isn't all for nothing.Another point that I would like to make is that there are some people in society who I have found find bowel cancer[in my case rectal cancer] a dirty cancer and this has been a shock to me.It saddens me to think that people can be shallow and uneducated enough to put such a title on this disease wherever it is.I am lucky enough to have a great family,great friends and a great medical team around me so the impact of these few people is minimal to me,but may not be to others.Thanks to this great community I have found much advice,support and understanding and am sending hugs and wishes to all in their journeys X
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People that use derogatory terms when talking of cancer, any type of cancer, are indeed showing their ignorance and perhaps their naivety in thinking there is no way they are going to be a sufferer or a carer for a loved one, in their lifetime. The people that say this are not worth a second thought. Things have a habit of biting one on the bum ( pardon pun ) when we least expect it, then education on such matters involves a very sharp, steep learning curve. Its your support team that are important. So... hand and foot, keep them nice and warm, nice thick socks, thermal gloves are good, avoid standing on cold tiles in bare feet like bathrooms etc use a moisturiser to prevent dry skin, get one of the family to do feet, very gently though, its easier for someone else to do your feet and more relaxing. Every night, we would set aside one hour and I would sit down with my wife and gently massage her feet with Sorbalene, a good moisturiser. We did this for 2 years. Peripheral neuropathy and dry skin was never an issue with her feet, some slight pn in her hands and that was after 8 rounds of folfox. Keep your hands out of fridges / freezers etc, even loading frozens into bags at the checkout and unloading them at home, all these little things assist in minimising side effects of the treatment. Take care Wombat4
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