1. It is open 24/7, no appointments necessary. 2. It never says, sorry our time it up for today, esp when I have just got onto the subject that's really bugging me. 3. It does not have eyes, never gives you any "looks" if you have not had the look yet it will happen. 4. The people from Cancer Connections (staff) I have spoken with so far have been the nicest, most open to helping people you can wish for at this time in your life. 5. The more I read other peoples thoughts & stories the more I know I am normal, this is what really happens in our heads and lives. 6. It does not have a meeting ever Thursday to discuss you, nothing I say or do with any member of my cancer care team is private but they can sure change the facts, the I can't sleep because of the night sweats was turned into I can't sleep from worrying about dying in 2 easy steps and anti depressants offer as a solution. What the hell???
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