well this is new to me so i guess ill just tell you a little about me 🙂 my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer in november 2010 it had already spread to the lymph nodes in her neck by the time she saw the specialist i was with her and they told us that it was terminal and inoperable it was such a shock as i always thought she'd grow old and we would have shopping trips and afternoon tea outings shes only 59 now at first i thought ok lets tackle this head on i researched everything i could on lung cancer treatments and outcomes but it made things worse it wasnt giving me any good news. i quit my job and started caring for her fulltime i went to her chemo treatments which she breezed through it was such a blessing she wasnt sick at all to look at her no one would ever know she had cancer. when her chemo finished the tumours had shrunk it was much need good news but one month later she started having little fits and muscle weakness and her speech was funny her dr suggested she have a brain scan and i knew then that it had spread she had radio treatment to ease the symptoms which it did and now its like she's to scared to move incase she sets of a fit so she sits in her chair all day and thats whats hard to deal with that such a amazing active woman can just sit a watch tv all day it breaks my heart every day.
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Hi Mel, From my perspective I think I have the easier end of this hell, yes I will die but I will not have to deal with the fallout. This will be the 2nd time my mum looses someone to cancer, first my step-dad and next me. Just love your mum and tell her that and be there for her, it is so much for us all to deal with and she needs to do it her way even if it breaking your heart. Make sure that you are at peace with doing the best you can for her and yourself. Talk as much as you can with her, if she is open to it, I hope that you have strong and postive family & friends around you. Be strong Deb
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