Is it normal for me to be worrying more about my dad then my mum who is the victim of this? i worry his not coping, mum is his bestfriend his soul mate, they are the perfect couple, they are all i wanted to be!! working out how to help him and making him realise this is hard and painful but its our battle not just her battle, i just hope he knows how much i love him and how much i will be there for him good days and bad! i am ready for this journey, i am ready to be yelled at, cried at, laughed at and laugh with, for the good, the bad and the shitty sick days, TOGETHER its all we have left in our hands OUR CONTROL!!!
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It is not unusual, I worry more about how my husband and mum will cope after I go than I do about me. Tell your dad what you have shared with us, that you will be there no matter what cause it does help to hear it, as you know already there are going to be really shitty days and then sometimes some very wonderful moments that you will cherish forever. I have found this site helps me so much already, a safe place to let out my fears and to find out that others on this path experience so much in common, the same fears, questions, frustration and confusion. Tell everyone you love just that every day, you can't say it too often :)
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thankyou deb, i worry about my family fullstop, this site even though i have only signed up yesterday has already helped me i can say what i feel and there is no one to judge and best of all telling me to stop it and be positive and look on the bright side and the one i hate most of all telling me its ok, cause its not ok she isnt ok she is sick she has cancer and yeah she is having treatment and she is a strong person and the treatment may very well help, but she is still sick, she will still be sick and this is not going to go away ITS NOT A COLD.... thankyou so much xxx its great having someone who understands xox
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