I can't believe I haven't posted here since August last year. No news was good news! I am thankful that Mum's weight loss slowed down and she has enjoyed celebrating both my kids birthdays in the latter half of last year, my husband's birthday, just before a quiet Christmas and then her own birthday in January. She was even well enough to go and see Les Mis with my hubby (her son) So much to be thankful for. But the cancer has kept spreading and is into her lungs too now. In January Mum struggled with breathlessness, February brought increasing and severe exhaustion. Then, towards the end of the month, Mum began to have increasing difficulties swallowing....after me chasing the Palliative Care team about this they came to see her yesterday and for the first time in this journey they have given us a timeframe.:-( They say if things continue this way she has only weeks to months left. They are getting rid of any unneccesary meds, changing her to liquid morphine for breakthrough pain and coming to see her twice a week now. What they said only confirmed what I was already thinking but it doesn't make it any easier to hear. Mum wants to go quietly without any interference other than keeping her comfortable, and we agree and support her choice in this. She is calm and full of faith in our Lord Jesus. But it feels strange that after 13 months of this we are now nearing the end. We have reached a point where some plans do have to be made since Mum lives alone 15 mins from us (I suspect better to do this now than further down the track when there will be even less room in our heads) I want to slow down the clock but that cannot be done.
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