A new page has been added on Facebook .It is mostly for oral cancer and head and neck cancer patients ,but much applies to all cancer patients. It is called Sixstepscreening .org/ If not going through Facebook I think it can be found at www.Sixstepscreening.org/ The info. is very good especially for the newly diagnosed . It has good info. for surviving treatment ,coping ,being a care-giver etc. The financial info. applies to the USA but the rest is good for most.
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Hi All, The Admin Team welcome and encourage the sharing of cancer-specific resources by community members on Cancer Connections. It is very important, however, when a third-party website is recommended - whether located overseas or in Australia - that visitors are aware of who owns and manages that service and what affiliations and commercial arrangements, if any, exist between that service, treatment Centres and/or health professionals. Cancer Connections is an Australian service, provided by Cancer Council NSW in collaboration with other state Cancer Councils. It has no commercial affiliations, and is designed to allow people living with or affected by cancer to support one another by sharing their experiences, knowledge and individual perspectives. Cancer Connections does not offer comprehensive information or medical advice and Community members requiring such information are encouraged in the first instance to contact their GP or treating doctor or the Cancer Council Helpline on 13 11 20 in their home State or Territory. State and Territory Cancer Councils also offers detailed evidence-based information and access to a wide range of locally accessible services and resources via their respective websites. Direct links to these websites and other resources are available at: www.cancerconnections.com.au/content/resources-and-emergency-contacts A downloadable Cancer Council booklet: Understanding Head and Neck Cancers, and related information and resources can also be accessed HERE Kind regards, Felix & Kate Cancer Connections Admin Team
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