Me again, so I'm due for my 2nd round of ABVD chemo on Wednesday. My oncologist gave me 2 days worth of Kytral ( an anti nausea drug) but I was admitted on the 3rd day for some fluids and more medication. I'm guessing I need at least 5 days worth. I guess trial and error. So far my experience has been completely different to what I thought it would be. For the better part of this week I have been fine in a sense, I have a few aches and pains most still from the major surgery I had but I've also noticed that my back and neck hurt more than my usual back pain I get. The new thing that wasn't there before is a pain in the joints of my knees, I'm guessing my body is a little flooded with dead and dying cells so the acidity in my body will be a little higher but my doc put me on an anti-gout tablet so I hope that will work good enough. Still fairly positive, I've even surprised with myself at how positive my attitude has been. I have gad the occasional thought about what might happen if it doesn't work, what if I'm the 20% that dies? But the thought has literally only been a thought that doesn't have much emotion attached to it... I'm not sure if it's because it hasn't hit me or it's not going to or I really am just processing this rationally and very damn well. Like I said due on Wednesday so I'll let you know how I go. Also I wanted to mention I read over my last blog and realized all the spelling mistakes and missed out on an ultrasound on my stomach to make sure I didn't have gall stones or fatty liver and an ultrasound on my breasts during the process of trying to find out what was wrong and they didn't pick up on my body riddled with cancer from my throat down my chest and in my stomach region. That is all I think I forgot to mention. Anyway cheers sorry about the ramble again - Alana
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