Our journey with GBM has taken over every aspect of our lives but I guess no matter which brand of terminal illness you are unfortunate enough to have it will do the same. My husbands tumour has progressed and we have been told there is not really much more to be done. Chemo is offered, low dose temodal for 20 days on and 8 off but we are told that 10 to 20% will have a benefit of 1 to 2 months at best and that needs to be balanced against how it makes you feel. Tough decision and one he has not yet made. He has had 3 nasty seizures and continues to have focal seizures as before, a little more forgetful and unable to cope with concentrating for more than a few mins with anything complex. His balance is a bit worse but sit him in his chair and he looks so normal, how is that possible? He is still unaccepting of this reality and I quite look forward to him coming to terms with it, I only hope he does while he is still able to communicate with me on a meaningful level. Hope you are going ok. Cheers Terese.
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