Wings - 2006 I had only just got my wings back after years of being pinned to the ground. After being pushed down and beaten time after time, again and again. After spending so long in the dark and finally clawing my way out. My beautiful wings have been clipped now I have been knocked back down to the ground And told to stay there – don’t get up! They told me once that it would get better. That life couldn’t possibly get any worse and that I would be destined for great things. I never even saw this coming.
Has your cancer returned? Your beautiful young woman, I hope not. Tell us more if your up to it. I've been off line for a while, I'm sorry if I missed any of your other postings.
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I agree with Merkel. Best wishes to you, hoping that everything is ok with you.
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No don't worry - I wrote that when I was having treatment, the "being pushed back down' is in reference to another issue (I suffered from depression for many years during high school).
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