We are so very blessed & lucky to have had a small reprieve in our BT journey. But like all things, it never lasts long enough. Ben had his scan done last week & we found out on Friday, 2 days before his 36th birthday that it has grown. And unfortunately quite a bit. Ben is now suffering a numb left side, it makes walking a little difficult as he struggles to feel his foot until it has made full contact on the ground. We go back to the discussions of funeral arrangements & videos for the kids. It's a saddening experience.
Do those videos of the kids, things can change at lightening speed. Pete was going to do letters for our girls, never did happen. I have spoken with my girls they are older then your kids so they understand that things just happened too quickly for him to do it, they have their own fond memories.
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Thanks Minx- its scary how quickly things get ugly isn't it. One second you think you have tomorrow, and then the next your thinking you won't. I'm sorry Pete didn't get to do letters for your girls, they are very lucky they have such fond memories of him.
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Hi Melanie, I feel for you being so much younger than me with two little ones to care for too. We are back home & my hubby was so exhausted after the flight & travel he was quite unsteady on his feet & he seems to get a wobble up at times. he is coming off the dex now & a mth break off chemo too. I notice how he gets snarly and snaps at me more often but once I tell him not to snap he apologies so all is okay. I realise this will get worse as time goes on. Sounds like Jeff my hubby is doing the same with his feet he seems to put the ball of his foot down & doesn't follow through with his heel. He is very tired and his eating habits have changed, doesn't seem to want as much as before. We haven't really discussed much about what lies ahead as I try to remain positive which my kids keep telling me to do. Please continue to stay in touch as I find this helps us all in some way or another & as a carer it can be quite difficult to cope at times but sharing with others in similar situations is helping me to carry on, knowing others care.
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