On 26th October I may be attending this event on the Northern Gold Coast at Coomera . It depends on another health issue . I hope others who live near enough will consider doing the same . The details can be found through the Cancer Council . It would be a new experience for me . As I don't know anyone else attending I will only be doing the Survivors' Walk .
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I hope it went well for you. I am also a survivor of this rare cancer. I had it in my breast, had a mastectomy, nearly 8 years ago. I am now experiencing lots of chronic sinusitis, and I am hoping that it is not ACC again. It is something that is never far from my mind. Take care...Kerr
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Wow ,another ACCER ,as I call us . I have sinus problems on one side because mine was near the sinuses . I am nearing 4 years since diagnosis . I didn't make the Relay because I had cataract surgery in the affected eye .
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I know of another lady diagnosed about 3 months ago with the same . She belongs to the Australian group I told you about in my message .
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