My name is Steve, and in Feb this year after having a PSA and the finger test, was told I had Prostate Cancer. After waiting 6 months had Radical Prostatectomy, that went well (so i thought)I was back at work 3 weeks and 3 days later {I drive a school bus) But my first PSA test after Surgery showed cancer still there, so had another blood test and it was the same. After talking to my Dr he suggested Radiotherapy treatment, Ive been going to PCSG meetings at Redcliffe Hospital once a month and Glasshouse Mtn every 2 months, but nobody there has had or is having Radiotherapy after Radical Prostatectomy, so I joined up to this site today hoping that someone out there has gone through it, or going through it.I have to wait (so sick of waiting)another month to see the Radioligist. Cancer Council sent me some info about it and ive Googled everything i can about it, but you cant beat hearing about it from someone thats been there and done it. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
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Hi Steve You are a fair way ahead of me so I was wondering how you are going with the radio therapy. I had robotic surgery 2 weeks ago. the cancer got out and I do not know to what extent until a further PSA test in 4 weeks time. This site is somewhat confusing and I am finding it not straight forward so I hope you are getting my message. it seems as though not many guys want to talk about PC unlike our sisters that openly discuss their breast cancer. I am on the Gold Coast, not too far away if you want to talk further get back to me. Stay in there it is beatable they tell me. Cheers Brian
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