My husband & I are celebrating our 43rd Wedding Anniversary today, will it be our last who knows! I've learned to live day by day & try not to think of birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc. each day he is with me is a blessing & I'll enjoy each day I have with him as much as possible.
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Congratulations 🙂
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Congratulations to you both.
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Congratulations. My husband and I recently celebrated our 44th anniversary and last week also was my 4th year anniversary since I was diagnosed with my cancer.
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I imagine you treasure birthdays and other special events if there is a chance each may be your last.You must be experiencing a lot of different emotions at different times but concentrating on good times,good emotions ,making the rest of your time together as happy as can be .Perhaps you are reminescing a lot too,remembering some important and some unimportant events, sometimes unsure which one of you is correct about the details. Most of all I imagine you are doing all to help hubby to be peaceful and painfree. My thoughts are with you.
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