so last night mum was so sick that we had to take her to the hospital, poor thing was so sick, today we managed to work out which nausea medication makes her feel better, downside and upside is its a injection, i have well had a massive fear of needles, today i was shown how to give mum her medication, i am PROUD to say i gave her her first one tonioght!!! yay for me.....hopefully i can see some improvement in her overnight starting to make me sad watching her this way!!! xx hope u r all well
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Well done! A great accomplishment overcoming your fear of needles & helping your Mum out - hope it helps her feel better. Take care & best wishes to you both.
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and from me too. I learned how to push dialysis needles (huge!) through my skin and into veins, so that my blood could be cleaned. It took me about four weeks to get up the courage to watch the nurse pushing them in and then another four weeks before i began to do it myself. I know what you mean about it. It is a hugely confronting act. Yes, well done. H
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Good on you - Confronting your fears and overcoming them is never easy. You have every reason to be proud of yourself. Best wishes to Mum.
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I agree with all the above. Years ago - when my mother was in her final couple of months - we weren't given the option of anythig like that, even if she would let us do it! Dad had to rig up a microphone so that we could hear her when she cried from the pain but wouldn't let us know. It is hard to watch someone close who is in pain and discomfort. Good luck to you and yes, be very proud of yourself, well done!! crafty
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