I have 2 kids. A sixteen year old daughter and thirteen year old son. I know it is so hard on both of them watching me go through this battle and knowing that it may not have a good outcome. If I could take away their pain I would. My son has his days but mostly takes it in, asks questions and gives me hugs. My daughter is just not coping. I know being a teenager is hard enough without this extra stress, but some days I a just don't know what to do with her. I am trying to support her and remain strong and positive. She is so negative about everything, angry, withdrawn, not sleeping,the smallest thing turns into the biggest drama, yelling at everyone in the family, and she really says some mean things. She won't help out around the house, won't open up to how she is feeling or talk about anything. I know this is hard on her, but she is making it harder for everyone else around her. Its hard enough for me to be positive and continue to do everything when so tired and overwhelmed, without her challenging me on everything. She is taking advantage of me and really pushing the boundaries. She doesn't seem to notice that everyone else is having a hard time too. Both the kids started going to the 'Canteen' Group which I think was really helping but now she refuses to go. She was seeing a counsellor but now refuses to go. She won't study and has just failed her Year 11 mid term exams.She is really bright but is just throwing it all away.she won't hand in assignments and has also been missing classes. I kept making allowances for her due to the situation but now I'm not sure if she is taking advantage and using my illness as an excuse. I just can't seem to get through to her. I don't know what else to do to get her through this. I have been so supportive but now I don't know if need to get tough on her. Am I making excuses and letting her get away with everything? She doesn't seem to notice that everyone else is having a hard time too. It is all about her. I was at the hospital at casulty with my elderly mother who was having breathing problems and my daughter rings me to ask when I am coming home to cook her dinner because she is hungry. Aaargh.
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