Hello there everybody,maybe not the right place to ask this but i cant really find any resources and really dont know what direction to go in at the moment.... Im 35 and was diagnosed with stage 4 osophogeal cancer with it also detected in my non regional lymphatic system somewhere around june last year.Surgery wasnt an option as they said something about it being to far gone (i cant remember why)After a couple of goes with chemo and a month of radiation i guess i got the best result i could as tumour shrunk and it hasnt been detected anywhere in the body a year later wich im so grateful and blessed it didnt go the other way.I told all my family im cured and who knows these things happen!I have read about the statistics and my chances of survival and i know its not pretty.I hate to be pesamistic and always try to stay positive and keep on keepin on but sometimes it does get the better of me both physically and mentally.I worked in construction industry for over 10 years mostly working with chemicals used for waterproofing and im sure that cancer and waterproofing chemicals dont really go together.I have only ever done manual labouring work and dont know how to do anything else and frankly i wouldnt walk onto a construction site if you payed me,who would give a person a job when they have advanced cancer?lol.I havent worked in nearly two years because before my diagnosis swallowing was a fulltime job and am currently on a disabilty pension from centrelink.I dont know what to do whether to go back to work as i have so much debt and the pension just doesnt cover it..I have tpd(total permanant disability) attached to life insurance on one of my super funds but after reading the policy statement i assume i have to lose the ability to wipe my own arse before i can get it.Has anyone else had any experiences with cancer and claiming a tpd from there superannuation?Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. Remember to ask the person with one leg for directions as he will surely know the easiest way to get there!
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