I posted the seven stages of grief in one of the forums.I think we grieve during the "cancer journey".It only hit me last night that that is what it was. I suffered from the loss of my previously normal appearance and the normality of life before. I am sure others grieve for the loss their former life and their body and how it worked. I think it was in the cancer forum where I listed the stages.
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I can't find where I put it, so here they are: 1.Shock and denial 2.Pain and guilt 3.Anger and bargaining 4.Depression 5.Upward turn 6.Reconstruction and working through 7.Acceptance and hope GRIEF
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Hi Silly Unfortunately (because it can compound what the person with cancer is going through), families & friends can also go through the stages of grief, which can at times seem so selfish. And I think the potentially worst stage families can experience is anger & bargaining. It can be so painful. I need to remind myself that my thoughts and feelings are so unimportant - it's what my Dad (in my case) is experiencing that's important, and I need to support him and listen to him, no matter what. All the best Richard
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Hi Silly You are so right about grieving for what things were like before I certainly feel this way My appointment with Dr is 25th Jul We have been awaay for couple of days to see our friends in San Remo Weather was great
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It's good you visited friends . I hope there were some distractions for you . I'll keep watching your blogs and posts and hope you come to a comfortable decision about reconstruction.
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