so day one of mums chemo, its been about 8hours since she finished her first treatmnt the nurses were fantastic and made us feel fantastic helped mum get a wig and gave her a turban which helped. today made it all become a reality, its the start of this fight and the fear was getting to me alothough i contained it very well. so tonight she has been ill, hot flushes, throwing up, nausea, the nurse came and gave her a maxolon injection and settled her tummy enough to get in the medication anyway. i hate seeing my mum so ill, i wish there was something i could to stop it all the illness, the pain the cancer!!! she is my life i really dont like to see her this way. but for now this is the beginning and tomorrow is another day and heres hoping each day gets better!! but here i sit and stay until she needs me, where i belong, and as sick as she is i wouldnt want to be anywhere else!!! LOVE YOU MUM xoxox
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