What can I say!!! Rex had an MRI on his chest and abdomen yesterday and the results are so disappointing and like a kick in the heart after being told by his medical oncologist that the 1st line of treatment has failed. The mass in his lung has significantly increased from 3.2 to 11.9 since February this year and has metastised to other areas.He has just finished 4 cycles of vinorelbine oral chemo for Non Small Lung Cancer Metastatic.He has been referred back to the radio-oncologist to see if he can have some palliative radiation on his chest/lung as the palliative radiation therapy helped stem the aggressive growth of a met on his brain and he has been more comfortable since then...so here's hoping. I am drawn to this site because I feel safe sharing and expressing myself. By sharing/caring for our loved ones I reckon we are 'victors' not 'victims' anyway!that's my motto. Gentle hugs to all you brave people. Dotty
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