Today was the last of the" ologists" to see,now the cards have been laid on the table and the path has been made.Choice do I accept this path or hide in the corner and await the inevitable.28 sessions of radiotherapy along with 28 days of tablet chemo twice a day for 28 days,this will be with the intent to shrink this tumour that very pleasantly has decided to sit itself in the rectal passage[alias bowel cancer].At the end of these 28 days will meet with the colorectal surgeon who has informed me that everything has to go during surgery outcome a new friend who I shall name Fred for now aka colostomy bag,not temporary now my lifelong friend.After this surgery and 2 weeks of getting to know my new friend I then return to chemo this time via infusion worn on my arm for 6 months [another new friend although not as permanent as Fred].Outcome is still curable at this stage and not to hard a decision to make,frightening,scary,confronting and worrying yes but a path I have to take.So from the 17th of May my journey begins and I will continue to post as many blogs as I can in the hope that it makes even the smallest difference to 1 person. I will continue to draw strength from this community and will never feel alone because of all the wonderful people out there who have already helped so much.Huge hugs and wishes to all X
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