Today was the day I met with the surgeon and was given the news that my bowel cancer was stage T3 and that I would have to have 5 weeks of chemo and radiation before the big op for a permanent colostomy bag.Am ever so grateful that the cancer isnt in the lungs or liver and I am able to have a good chance at fighting this insidious disease.Thanks to all of you wonderful people in this community I have been able to feel stronger and because of you all I feel understood and supported. Hugs and best wishes to all stay strong and believe x
Good on you Tina. My very best for the next 5 weeks and the best results for the op. Wombat4
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Thanks for your kind words wombat4 they mean so much .Am so grateful that I can share the news with people who have been there are there and continue to be there,my only wish is to learn this site enough to be there for all the wonderful people who are there for me.Will keep trying to learn hugs and wishes to all.
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Tina Thats exactly what i was diagnosed with back in June 2010. I got through it all by taking each treatment process as a step, once the diagnosis was done (which when i look back was one of the hardest parts waiting to hear what is going on) i then only dealt with what was coming up next ie the five weeks of treatment. I didnt let my mind wander to the operation or the bag. Im not sure which is the right way to deal with things but i felt by doing that i could stay strong and concentrate on what was happening at the time and i could get a grasp on all the medical jargon etc. Make sure you see the nurses at the radiation place if you get any discomfort (ie skin burn etc) as they are very helpful, where i got treated in WA they were fantastic, dont be afraid to ask for help and rest up! I wish you all the very best, please keep us updated with how you are going, you are in my thoughts Stacey
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