Happy Birthday to myself! Yesterday was my birthday. My partner forgot it yesterday and again today. D: When did you open this nice bottle of red? N: It was from last night. We didn't finish it. D: What's it about last night? N: mmm... my birthday dinner that I put together for myself and you said you could only help me cook for 30 seconds 😛 Not only that all you were concerned yesterday was that the heather didn't work properly and whinged the whole morning even I made you a nice breakfast before I went to work. D: Ohh.. happy birthday. Sorry I forgot. Well, I should be thankful that he can still look after himself and I can go to work. Although he seems to have a bit of panic attack and want me home with him everyday instead of going to work. His next MRI scan coming up on Thursday next week and it could be the one to decide whether Avastin works or not. If not, we were told there are more chemo drugs that he could get but chance that it will work is 10-20%. I don't set my expectation high, just hope Avastin works.
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