I went to a wedding on wkend of a lovely friend I met while studying at uni. It was great to see her after around 2 yrs since our last visit. As its natural at a wedding we were seated together in clusters of appropriate similarities....I was seated with other young adults from various parts of australia (dan had a wkend to himself and my best Andrea looked after me). So Andrea and I were chatting away when meals started to arrive. And that's whe the fun began u may say.... Due to chemo I shared with the bride my eatin needs and what I couldn't eat. One main had ham and soft cheese (this one was not for me). The caterers were very careful to ensure my meat was well cooked and that I got the correct meals in an alternate drop menu. By now the other table members were looking confused to why all the fuss over me. So I said "i am undergoing chemo atm abd need to be very careful with what I eat". It was amazing to see the faces and reactions around the table : the half drunk guy asking a million questions (which I happily answered), the young carefree lady (who couldn't even keep eye contact with me), the lady who looked at me with fear and sad eyes for the rest of the night and 2 people who did not speak to me again after this conversation. What struck me was the drunk guy saying : "you are dealing so well with this, laughing and having a great time". My response was " what else do you do, give up and die?" For me it is simple: you fight cancer, you laugh when u can (its the best medicine) and u do not let the cancer have the upper hand! "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" ~Winston Churchill
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