While waiting for the hospital to give me an appointment with the Lung Clinic, I asked my GP for a referral for a mamagram and ultra sound on my breasts.  


I have no lumps, I have no discharge, no symptoms of breast cancer,  but the Xray and the CT Scan showed something in both breasts.


After ringing around for an appointment it was going to take 3 weeks before I could be seen.  I cant wait 3 weeks, what if the mass grows.


I am in HBF so I decided to make an appointment with SKG at St John of God in Murdoch, they could get me in the next day.  However, as I was not an inpatient, HBF will not cover the cost.  I sent the bill to Medicare, and it worked out the gap I needed to pay was about $190.


Thoughts of the mamagram still brings tears to my eyes! My poor breasts were squashed and poked and squashed again.  I was so pleased when this was over.


Then they did the ultra sound, that hurt too, but not as much.


I was just about to get changed and leave, when I was told I needed to go back in for another mamogram!!  Then another ultra sound!! This time the doctor came and did the ultra sound, they must of found something.


I went home miserable, lung cancer and breast cancer, (and I dont have any lumps, discharge etc)


No letter from the Lung Clinic yet.


I carry on as normal, the body knows what to do, the mind is somewhere else.  I feel numb.


At this stage only my girls and my husband know about this.  Work has also been told, as I will be requiring leave to attend appointments,


If I have breast cancer, I will have both removed, and then concerntrate on the lung cancer.

What if it has spread and its all over, what if I am going to die?


I always though this happens to 'other people', it appears I am now the 'other people'


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