I went to see the GP 5th April and he had my results from SKG Imaging, they were not good.


He tells me I need a biopsy on both breasts.

He tells me that I should have it done at SKG St John of God, where I had the ultra sound and the mamogram.  Great, I wont be an inpatient, so my HBF wont cover the cost.  I will need to claim of Medicare and pay the difference.


Do I get my breasts sorted first or do I get my lung sorted?  If i go for the breast biopsy and it is mallignant and I need an operation, then wont this delay the treatment of the lung.


Maybe non of the cancer is malignant.

Maybe I am dreaming, and this isnt real, I am not sick, but I have cancer in my breasts and lungs.


I decided to get my lung seen to first.


I cannot focus, I can for a while then I get weepy as the thought of Cancer comes into my head.


Spent most of the weekend in Bed crying, feeling sorry for myself.

I hate waiting, I keep watching the letter box.

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