In the past I have had no major health issues, apart from having a TIA (mini stroke) 2 years ago, at the age of 51, which I recovered from.  Tests showed I had  antiphospholipid syndrome, (my blood forms little clusters) and therefore need to stay on Warfarin for the rest of my life.


I took Thursday 28th of March off work as I had felt I was coming down with a cold. On the Friday morning I figured  I would take this day off sick also and rest up.  I decided to go and see my GP and get a Medical Certificate for work.  I wouldnt normally do this, but for some reason I did.


My GP gave me a medical certificate, but he wanted to connect me to the ECG Machine to make sure everything esle was okay.  He doesnt usually do this.  However, he did not realise that the printer on the machine was malfunctioning.  It gave an irregular reading, and he sent me to hospital for a second opinion.  


My GP had faxed the hospital, so they were expecting me.  He had also told them that I had previously had a mini stroke, and he was worried the irregular reading from the ECG may be something more sinister and for them to check.


The local hospital checked my heart, it was fine (by now my GP had been told the printer was faulty), they also checked my INR level for my warfarin dose, that was fine.   They also decided that they would do a chest xray, and keep me in hospital over night for observation.


They came to my bed that night and told me I have a mass on both breasts and a mass on the right lung. I was virtually told I may have breast cancer and lung cancer.


The next morning I was still in shock, the doctor took the canula out of my arm, and said I can go home.  But I will need to make appointment for a CT scan of my chest.


Just as I was about to leave the hospital, the doctor returned, and told me he had liaised with the City Hospital, and they advised I need to have the CT Scan before they discharge me, as it could take weeks to get an appointment as an out patient. Doctor then had to put in another canula as fluid would be injected into me. He said it is unusual for the City Hospital to ring and say they must do it now.


After the CT Scan the doctor told me I have a nodule on my right lung which is about 3cm and also a lymph node in my lung which looks irregular, and the masses on be breasts which will need to be looked at with an ultra sound and a mammogram at a later date.


My case was referred to the Fast Track Lung Clinic at the major hospital.


My world was turned upside down. I didnt know if it was benign or mallignant, all I knew was I had cancer.  


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