Diagnosed 2006 with two malignant brain tumors. Radiation, Chemotherapy 4.5 years, Meditation, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Ruta 6, thalidomide, Apricot kernels, etc........  Amazing oncologist. 

Now having annual MRI scans to keep an eye on them but no change in 13 years. 

Happy to talk to newly diagnosed people on their treatment journey. 

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Awesome news Scott, I was diagnosed with an oligoastrocytoma back in 2007, have had similar experiences to you and am happy to say still going strong. I’m impressed with the 4.5 years of chemo, I managed just under 2 years. Did the Chinese herbs and acupuncture assist with coping with the chemo? 

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I was on a daily dose of temodal and about 6 months in my blood results became poor so I stopped for 2 weeks. I started daily Chinese herbs (traditional boiled herbs and strained fluid and I never had a problem with my bloods again. I think it was low platelets. 


The acupuncture helped me feel better too but was designed around immune support. 

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Matthew where are you based? I am in Melbourne but do FIFO to QLD every second week. 

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Sorry about the delay Scott, don’t check this blog often! I am in Melbourne, Malvern East and attend Cabrini for regular scans! Now out to scans every 4 months...a good thing!

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