I have been a member of this site for close to 12mnths now and I so love it. This site is so helpful no matter whether we be a sufferer, fighter or carer. I live in WA and am moving to Qld towards the end of the year, we are unsure of exactly where we will be living but I am sure it will be Townsville. A lot depends on the availability of work for my partner who currently works on mine sites. I have inoperable PC and in my eleventh month of chemo and I'm just hoping there are members on this site that reside between Cairns and Mackay that will be able to give me information as to oncologists etc. I know Mater cater for chemo in every major town, just from the website but I am having trouble getting any information from Mater at Townsville, Mater in Cairns has rung me so I have all the basis details I need for there. Plus getting to know people who live there all the time will be a big help for me. It would be great if I could start off a friendship base before we get there then I won't be so scared. Thanks to any one who wants to help out
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