update on my grandfather- He has said a few words and responding to commands such as 'stick your tongue out'. My uncle was asking him questions and pop was able to answer by saying 'yes' or trying to shake his head for no. Was able to gently squeeze doctors hand on paralyzed side, but still no sensation. Hes still very distressed, but no longer pulling equipment off so no longer needs to be restrained or held down (thank god!!!) still needs to be constantly watched just in case, hospital organised a special nurse to sit near him all night because they could see we were all exhausted. After a very rough night last night he slept about 4 hours today before waking, and tonight they were able to get him to sleep around midnight. I saw him asleep, he looks so peaceful. we've rolled him onto his side and he seems much more comfortable. Doctors say things are all normal and no worse than expected, that its a good thing hes fighting back because it shows he has strength aswell as fine motor skills. We're just trying to wait it out. Its so exhausting because he'll have good periods then slip back again... at least each good period is slightly better than the last. My nan and I spoke to him on the phone tonight, all he managed to say was a weak hello but it was so great just to hear his voice...it was the first time either of us had smiled properly all week 🙂 Relatives at the hospital told us later that he definitely knew it was us 🙂 he has said a couple of words before, but they were much weaker and quite difficult to understand. Its a small win, but finally we have SOMETHING positive to hang on to!!! Trying not to get too excited because he's up and down and it is very possible he'll slip back again. But tonight made me realise that even though we may not be going directly forward, we're still heading in that general direction.
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